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Our Team

Inaeh Garcia-Johnson started her yoga practice back in 2002 with hot yoga, and soon thereafter started a vinyasa practice. After her children were born she found it difficult to continue her steady practice and wanted her children to practice yoga and enjoy it’s benefits from a very young age. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find a kid’s yoga class nearby, so she went on to obtain her kids yoga instructor certification from Karma Kids Yoga in NYC, but didn’t feel like it was enough, Inaeh wanted to teach yoga to adults too. She wanted to be able to get both kids and adults doing yoga together, so she went on to obtain her Vinyasa 200-hour teacher certification at OM Factory Yoga NYC,  a partner yoga certification from Kidding Around Yoga NYC, and baby yoga from Karma Kids Yoga NYC. She is always working on adding more certifications that will add to the mamaeh yoga studio. Inaeh decided to open a family inclusive yoga studio, that not only brings steady classes of yoga to kids and teens but allows parents to enjoy yoga classes with and without their kids, making it easy for them to continue their yoga practice after having children and becoming part of a beautiful community.

Inaeh is also an energy worker with Reiki, La Ho Chi 13th Octave, Angel light healing and is trained to work with both kids and adults. She also has Waldorf kindergarten/natural crafts training. She lives with her four daughters and her husband of seventeen years in Mahopac, NY.  She is grateful for and highly recommends our fellow yoga studios in town for adult only classes, both Putnam Yoga and Liberation Yoga studios have lovely owners and teachers with different approaches to yoga classes but both very effective in their own way.

Casey Lockhart is Co-Founder of BurnStrong in NYC. She is also a mom with a background in child growth and development. She and her daughter have a regular practice and want to inspire others. Fitness is a fundamental part of Casey’s life. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, become more flexible, and more confident both on and off the mat. She believes change truly happens through movement, and movement heals in remarkable ways. Casey is a certified yoga, and Pilates instructor with a passion for fitness. “I will always be a student of practice and I am deeply grateful for the wisdom my teachers have shared with me.” In her classes, she loves to combine creative sequencing with a spirit of playfulness and dose of inspiration.

Tayla Rees is a singer / songwriter and shares her time between the demands of high school and recording music. The practice of yoga and meditation have comforted her in finding calm and stability in the middle of chaos. She fell in love with yoga and the way it makes her feel. Since she has always loved interacting with children, she chose to receive her kid’s yoga instructor certification from Karma Kids Yoga in NYC, and now has combined her passions bringing fun and relaxation to young kids at the yoga mat.

Amy Sobel received her yoga teacher certification at Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver. She specializes in children’s yoga and holds a YogaEd K-8 certification. She teaches Vinyasa flow, restorative and kid’s yoga classes. She has been teaching and leading workshops for over 10 years and has been working in public and nature based schools for the past 5. She spent many years bringing yoga to the public schools as part of a wellness initiative. She has led children’s yoga camps, workshops and in therapy based groups. Having spent a lot of time traveling, she has always found her mat to be one place she can call home. Her classes create a comfortable and sacred space for kids and adults to move, breathe, play and connect to their own unique potential.

Tamica Nelson is a yoga teacher who works with children, teens, and adults to find more balance in their life through yoga, mindfulness, self-care, inspiration, and community. She has a 13-year-old son who also enjoys the art of Yoga, which helps him regulate his emotions. She believes in helping to support social development, which focus areas are in health and wellness, education, school resources, and training material which would socially help children who may be at a disadvantage. “We must learn to not be conformed by the patterns of the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” Tamica would like to be the connecting bridge to what is lacking for our children and others in the community. Her motto is “Inspire yourself to make a difference in yourself and your community.” She uses mindful movement help to promote wellness of the mind body and soul. As a mental health counselor she understands there are many challenges, opportunities, and obstacles that a person may face in life and every little thing helps, which is why she uses yoga as a tool to help with the mind body connection of a person to make themselves whole. The yoga technique she uses is mindfulness movement using modern dance and shapes using fundamentals yoga basics for children, teens and adults.

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